Morris Grain Company (MGC) has been a leader in providing quality agricultural service since 1946. Today, Morris Grain Company still leads the way in providing a large variety of herbicides and insecticides to aid producers in gaining maximum yield in a wide variety of crops.

Morris Grain Company carefully selects generic and name brand agrichemicals from reputable manufacturers such as DuPont, BASF, Monsanto, Griffin, and others. Our vast inventory exceeds 150 different agrichemicals to combat virtually any pest or noxious weed hampering precious yield. Check out our online chemical directory to view pricing information and availability. Or call toll free at (800) 872-2501.

There are three main reasons customers turn to Morris Grain Company for their agrichemical needs. The main reason Morris Grain Company remains a leader in the agrichemical market is due to our low wholesale chemical prices that MGC passes along to it's customers. MGC's increased sales volume allows them to make cost-efficient purchases, therefore, allowing producers to obtain chemicals at a substantially reduced price.

The second reason Morris Grain Company excels in the agrichemical market is because of its quality customer service. MGC is knowledgeable when it comes to agrichemical solutions – after all, we've been doing it for over 50 years! Our sales staff can help you answer questions and give proven solutions to your agrichemical needs. Many of MGC's customers are repeat customers and make their agrichemical purchases from MGC each growing season. This client-business relationship is very important to Morris Grain Company.

Another very important reason producers rely on Morris Grain Company is delivery. Even the best and most-affordable agrichemical can't solve your problem by sitting in the back of a truck somewhere on the highway. That is why MGC selects the quickest and most reliable shipping companies to deliver your purchase, quickly, affordable and on time. Morris Grain Company has obtained shipping discounts in excess  of 60% of normally published motor freight charges on each and every order. MGC is geographically located in the upper Midwest and can insure fast and responsive delivery times.

Morris Grain Company began in 1946 as a family-owned business in Minnesota and still remains a family-owned business today. For over 50 years, MGC's family business has been providing dependable agricultural services for many family businesses – the family farmer. From this experience, MGC knows what problems producers face as they forge ahead each growing season. With our low wholesale agrichemical prices. Our unbeatable customer service. And our quick delivery, many customers no longer ask 'how much it will cost?' But now ask 'how much can I save?'

Give Morris Grain Company a call today about your upcoming agrichemical needs at (800) 872-2501. Our Mailing adresss is Morris Grain Company 1121 Atlantic Ave Morris MN  56267